Monday, February 18, 2013

Austin Half Marathon

Yesterday I was able to run the Austin Half Marathon.  It was the 5th consecutive year that I have completed it, and it was the race I asked my surgeon about when I found out I needed surgery.  I ran it with one of my running partners, and as much as I was excited for it I was nervous that I would have to stop for pain.  The week leading up to the race was stressful as I was ill and I was feeling nervous since the hip has been acting up but I had just met with my surgeon and he gave me the ok to run.  A couple of days before the race, one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen Armstrong, wrote about how pain is a luxury.  She was writing about those that can't be active would give anything to complete a run or ride a bike.  That reminder was repeated to me later when a good friend of mine in my running group emailed me to encourage me to enjoy the race and not focus on the time.  She reminded me that it was a blessing for me be able to run and that it was a celebration of everything that I had been through this past fall.  Those reminders were on the forefront of my mind with every step that I took.

The race was not my best time, but I am proud of every second of the 2 hr run.  My running partner was having a difficult race, but I was able to be there and encourage her through the tough hills.  I was able to change my goal of getting a PR to helping her finish with a smile.  I had already completed the difficult task of rehabilitation and training, and just got to run each mile with JOY on race day!!!

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